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Bali Cooking Class

bali cooking class

Bali Cooking Class Program is part of your activities of things to do in Bali to discover the secrets of Balinese food and explore cooking techniques and the fascinating kitchen myths of this unique culture, followed by a lavish Balinese feast and complete recepies.

The cooking class program


Market Visit

The Bali cooking class program is starting with Market visit to have the ideas of the whole activities and have the entire ideas what kind of necessity things can be bought in the Market. The Local Market is chosen where the locals buy everything for daily food, will show you everything you can purchase there in the real market and you will understand how the trade process form the beginning until the end users locally.

Preparing Process

Preparing process is really show you how everything purchased being processed, slice the onion, cut of meat, cutting vegetables etc. this process is necessarily help you a lot  and give you the entire ideas what you will cook and how the taste you prefer to have to satisfy your “foodie” and hungry. our instructor will help you explaining all the materials, what is the taste going to be and how much you need to have your favorite taste at the end.

Enjoy Cooking

Each Participants will get his/her own cooking station, supervised by a team of true cooking professionals and experts in taking ingredients. Outside learning more about the history, each student will also get insights in how to prepare and use the fresh ingredients for each Dish. Recipes, experiences and the chance to eat what you have cooked are all part of the fun and educational day and to bring back home to impress your Guests with these new skills. In the end, you will have the skills and the recipes at hand to whip up a Balinese feast for family and friends.


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