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Explore Moluccas and West Papua

Explore Moluccas and West Papua

West Papua is the Indonesia’s half of the New Guinea Island. Landing in the middle of this vast mountain terrain, is like stepping into a different time zone. The tribes are still visible in the area while many others live in the surrounding forest. Don’t miss the Baliem festival, where the locals, both men and women dance to their Dani music. This trip is a kind of different.

The Raja Ampat archipelago consists of some 600 Islands and islets that straddle the equator in the area off the “Birds Head” also known as the Doberoi Peninsula, the extreme north-western tip of the Papua province of Indonesia. Raja Ampat means “Four Kings” referring to an old legends in which the 4 main islands of the archipelago (Misool, Batanta, Waigeo and Salawati) would be taken over by kings. Exploring diving expeditions undertaken by some adventurous souls have put the archipelago on the map and nowadays Raja Ampat has become world famous as one of the most noteworthy ecological niches on the planet, on a par with the Great Barrier Reef and Galapagos. This area also has some of the most stunning top-side views in the world.

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