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Asian Explore Indonesia offers best Tours to the most attractive places in Indonesia. We cover Excursions, Day Tours, Round Trips, Explore Tours, Adventure Tours, Package Tours and overland Tours in all Indonesia Destinations. By Exploring Indonesia Destinations, you will visit Indonesia tropical sandy beaches, Temples, Temple festivals, dense rain-forests, rice fields, volcanoes, orangutans and friendly smiling people. Therefore, we are really dedicated to create the unique Taylor made program either for individuals or small groups in an exciting new travel direction in Indonesia, and provides distinctive, out-of-the-ordinary experiences suitable for all travelers to meet the expectations of our Clients in Indonesia and offer them some alternatives as an idea of the best tours in Indonesia that is sometimes necessary to let them know what we have and able to offer in the destination.

Indonesia  Destination  Highlights

Bali is renowned worldwide for its magnificent beaches, amazing rice terraces, picturesque temples, arts and crafts, and for the colorful Hindu-Buddhist culture of the Balinese people. For the deeply religious Balinese, every aspect of life is governed by ancient rituals, and shrines with offerings to the gods are seen everywhere throughout the island. Bali is both a paradise and a playground; home to a whole host of activities, adventures, stories and magical secrets just waiting to be explored. It is not only for sustenance of the body, but also for the mind and spirit. Bali is a heavenly destination for holidays. And the island of Lombok lies close by and its untouched charm often earns the description: it is “Like Bali 20 years ago”.

The other Indonesia popular tourism destinations are the island of Komodo, famous for the Komodo Dragon, the largest species of living lizard on the planet. Borobudur is the site of the world’s largest Buddhist monument which is located on a remote hilltop in central Java. The Adventure-seekers often head for Kalimantan’s remote jungle interior to visit the world’s foremost orangutans’ research and conservation center or explore Sumatra, with its teeming wildlife and abundance of tribal groups.


Explore Indonesia Best Destinations

We Provide You An Ultimate Travel Experience

We offer visitors the option of travelling on traditional city tours and excursions or on our ‘Explore’ alternatives.  Explore tours are for guests; who wish to experience a city and the surrounding attractions; in a more unusual way and with a more adventurous spirit.

Our definition of  ‘Explore’ is the arrangement of visits to some of the highlights at each destination; by travelling in unconventional ways such as on foot, by bicycle and by horse- or oxcarts.  Besides visiting cultural sights; the guests on explore tours are also divert from the beaten tourist paths and experience in-depth; with a focus on people and local life.

We organize the tour, activities and hotel bookings in all over Indonesia and most of our Clients prefer to have private service and Taylor made arrangement and specific needs to taste the authenticity of every destination apart of some programs to the common places in Indonesia. Therefore it is really necessary to have the expert team to provide the information in details and in timely manner.

Bali is “the world’s best island resort” with its enchanting culture, beaches, dynamic dances and music. The tropical paradise of Bali is arguably the jewel in Indonesia’s crown. This is home to the only large-scale Hindu society in South East Asia and the island has attracted tourists, artists, and adventurers for generations.




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