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Explore Lombok and Gili

Lombok Tours and Gili Islands

The island of Lombok lies close by Bali Island Indonesia and its untouched charm often earns the description: “Like Bali 20 years ago”. Lombok is the most popular tourist destination in Nusa Tenggara, from the scenic bays of Sengiggi to Rinjani trekking, surfing in Kuta, snorkeling in the Gili Islands and scuba in Sekotong, there is something for everyone here and waiting to be explored. The island’s native inhabitants are the indigenous Sasak people.

We offer Tours around Lombok Island and Gili Island to explore best tourists places to visit on the Island, visit Sasak village to understand how peoples life. Rinjani Trekking can be quite challenging for some visitors, however we are confident that with our experienced team, expert leaders, passionate guides and world-class equipment there is nothing to fear, as your safety is paramount to us, these challenges can be overcome.


Lombok Day Tours-Excursions

Lombok Day tours are the ideal way to explore Lombok and Gili Island as Lombok Island is relatively small and easy to get access to every corner to get to know of the best places to visit in Lombok. Our Lombok day tours aims to explore all best places on Lombok from Senggigi in West Lombok or Kuta in south Lombok or even from Gili Island in one day.  We have created some sample of Lombok day tour programs as below for your reference which will be on your decision what tings you want to do in Lombok, where you want to go or what activities you prefer to join to discover the best places to visit in Lombok and the most attractive activities on the Island. we have experienced Guide and driver those can show you Lombok and surroundings or you can contact us to create a Lombok Tailor-made program special for you and organize your tours and activities professionally and safety.


Lombok Gili Package Tour; Explore Lombok & Gili Islands Trips

Lombok and Gili Islands are compliment each other. if you are planning to visit Gili island, we recommend to spare some times to explore Lombok Island or you can combine your Holiday to visit both Islands; Lombok and Gili. Lombok offers the enchanting Natures, Cultures and Tribes, Gili offers the charming of white shandy Beaches. Lombok-Gili Package Tour is ideal to get the memorable experience of nature explore and relax on Gili Island. we can arrange Bali Lombok Gili Package tour as well on tailor-made program, therefore you can contact our team to get the details.


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