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Indonesia is a land of so many cultures, ethnic groups, customs, fauna and flora that it is like some separate countries united under one flag. Therefore Indonesia as a Destination offers varied alternative program with attractive activities in the Destination for your great Experience in Indonesia.

The tropical paradise of Bali is arguably the jewel in Indonesia’s crown. This is home to the only large-scale Hindu society in South East Asia and the island has attracted tourists, artists, and adventurers for generations. Bali island as part of Indonesian Archipelago, is well-known as “the island of God” or “the island of thousand temples” and also some people called as “the island of Paradise”. Bali has many amazing places to discover, showing you the unique Culture and many activities to make your holiday more fun and enjoyable. the wide range of best things to do in Bali during your holiday in Bali, impressed you with a wonderful moment and unforgettable experience ever and we are proudly showing you the best things to do in Bali.

The island of Lombok lies close by and its untouched charm often earns the description: “Like Bali 20 years ago”. Lombok is the most popular tourist destination in Nusa Tenggara. From the scenic bays of Sengiggi to Rinjani trekking, surfing in Kuta, snorkelling in the Gili Islands and scuba in Sekotong, there is something for everyone here. The island’s native inhabitants are the indigenous Sasak people.

They are culturally and linguistically related to the Balinese, but unlike the Hindu Balinese, the majority are Muslim. This change in culture is clearly recognizable when you touchdown in Lombok, with many mosques and minarets all around. The call to prayer can often be heard, and Islamic traditions and holidays influence the island’s daily activities.

Other popular tourism Destinations is the island of Komodo, famous for the Komodo Dragon, the largest species of lizard on the planet. The main attraction of these islands is the Komodo National Park, declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 and later as a Man and Biosphere Reserve. The park has also been listed as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature and features a variety of wildlife. The Komodo Dragon is the most famous inhabitant of the park. The dragon is a type of monitor lizard that can grow up to four meters in length and weights up to 100 kilograms, making it the world’s largest lizard. The park also features a number of rare birds species, deer and wild pigs.

Yogyakarta is the cultural hub of Indonesia and you will quickly get to understand why. Home to astonishing temples as Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia, also listed as UNESCO heritage site, and Prambanan, a complex of Hindus temples, with its carvings onto its walls, telling the Ramayana story. Besides its priceless architecture monuments, the atmosphere of Yogyakarta is partly due to the fact that the Sultan of Yogyakarta empowers its inhabitants, being supportive and attracting Indonesians from all over the archipelago, to experience the artistic and bustling life of the city. He’s a respected figure of Yogyakarta and still has an important impact on social life. We take you to the Keraton, the Sultan’s Palace; afterward we will have a closer look to its surrounding, still very active named Taman Sari, to enjoy the traditional handcrafts and Javanese daily life

Adventure-seekers often head for Kalimantan’s remote jungle interior to visit the world’s foremost orang-utan research and conservation centers, or explore Sumatra, with its teeming wildlife and abundance of tribal groups.






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