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Explore Sumba

Explore Sumba Island

Located southwest of Flores, Sumba, whose name has become increasingly popular since it was set as a filming location, has indeed extraordinary beauty, ranging from savannas that extend widely to charming beaches waiting to be visited. Besides the charming Beaches, Sumba is also famous for its Savannah. In West Sumba, for example, there is a Lamboya Savannah that has a vast expanse of grass with short shrubs and trees at some points. With a sea background and stretch of rice fields, Pasola is also held here every year.

While East Sumba, which has almost all of its territory in the form of Savannah, has a vast expanse of grass with hilly contours that are no less beautiful. The best time to visit is during the rainy season (December to March) when this Savannah is verdant and occasionally find horses and buffaloes graze.

PASOLA SUMBA – THANKSGIVING CEREMONY. The Sumba community performs the Pasola ritual between February and March as part of the Nyale ritual, when sea worms fill the waters around Nusa Tenggara. This spiritual Fighting consists of two teams of hundreds of people, throwing blunt spears from the running horse. This bloody match is a form of offering to the gods to be given an abundant harvest.



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