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He is originally from Padang, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Since graduated from Padjajaran University in Bandung, he started his career in tourism Industry as a free lance tour guide. His passion in handling the group to all over Indonesian Archipelago is just a part of his life since he speaks and understands well English, German and Russian. Furthermore, He likes travel very much either to discover Indonesia in depth for better knowledge or travelling abroad to some countries in South east Asia and Europe.

Since 1994, Irmensyah has been started to work as a Free lance tour manager and most of his life is with the Guests in the field. His interesting in Culture, Nature and Tribes is a great benefit for the groups who desire to know all in details of what they see and visit. Learning and doing so many trips for many years in Indonesia, Irmensyah has a lot of experience. Mostly, he is with the group of people who have personal interest and really want to know Indonesia in depth. His knowledge of Indonesia in terms of Culture, Tribes and Nature is completely not arguable. Of course, he faces some challenges during the trip, it is also another thing that we can relay on him as he is fast response and speed in taking decision for the best solution of any challenges.

One of his most favorite destination to visit in Indonesia is Flores Island.  Since Flores, that stretches from West to East with 13.540 km2, offers the authentic of Indonesia. The spider web rice field is unique where such pattern in the world is only found there and also terraced rice fields can be enjoyed along the Journey.  Furthermore, Bena Megalithic Village in Bajawa and Wae Rebo, the village above the clouds, ask him to always come there to visit.

He understands well that handling people is very dynamic and sometimes need personalized treatment. So, he always upgrades his knowledge by joining some professional training in Indonesia or even abroad. We are very happy to have him in our team.



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