Mepantigan is a form of Balinese martial arts that involves similar physical techniques to those found in self-defense traditions around the world. But Mepantigan extends the form by also drawing upon Balinese drama, contemporary dance, and gamelan music, fusing fighting with the performing arts to create an entirely new cultural phenomenon. Participants wear uniforms consisting of traditional Balinese clothing, and can compete on the beach, in the mud of rice fields, or in any open space.

Practitioners of Mepantigan gain physical fitness, release stress, and learn valuable lessons in camaraderie and sportsmanship. In addition to physical skills, strength, and agility, both emotional and spiritual intelligences are utilized.

According to Putu Witsen Widjaya, the founder and senior teacher of Bali Mepantigan Arts and a martial arts champion, students of Mepantigan evolve as human beings and avoid violence while cultivating compassion. As he observed, “Wherever proper martial arts develop, evil will diminish and a respect for others will grow. This is particularly true for those who practice Mepantigan, which is a celebration of the spirit”.

The guests will be welcomed with a dance “ Katos Barong topeng (mask) kelaras (dried banana leaves) ” and a welcome drink plus Balinese traditional snacks. A short announcement and explanation about practical informations such as where the toilets for the ladies and gentlemen are located. Where the guests can change their clothes. During our activities all of our guests will be given a sarong tridatu which is Mepantigan Bali’s traditional clothing. Mepantigan Bali’s teachers will show our guests how to use the tridatu and help them to put it on. After this there will be a short explanation about what Mepantigan Bali, Katos Kecak Kecos, and Nasi Lumpur.

We will all warm up together with different types of fun Balinese Games in the Coconut Garden’s Amphitheater. So that we will be warm and ready before getting muddy! All our activities are performed safe and will be fun, healthy and promoting harmony, with professional guidance from our Mepantigan Bali instructors. The activities in the mud of the rice fields will begin. There will be wrestling, fun games and connecting between humans, animals and nature. As a part of this the guests can try to connect with the friendly duck named Bob, by having complete focus on developing harmony with the duck while placing it on the head and thus creating the complete Balinese Mud Experience.

After the fun in the mud we are going to the natural clean river rinsing off the mud before we all shower in our unique dry banana leaf covered showers. Everyone will get a towel and a bar of soap handed out by our instructors at Mepantigan Bali.

Lunch or Dinner is consisting of our Nasi Lumpur Vegetarian buffet at the horse cart. It is a buffet with only natural ingredients, and all are locally grown from Bali. All the food is free from MSG and palm oil. We only use natural coconut oil for our cooking and we cook in a traditional way using firewood instead of a stove. We use banana leaves as plates, bamboo drinking cups and wooden spoons and forks. We are trying to create a complete plastic-free environment at Mepantigan Bali and only use natural materials for our buffet. It is a part of our goal to revive and inspire the original Balinese lifestyle for both our guests and our local community in order to live a natural and sustainable lifestyle.