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Medan City tour

batak traditional house

Medan City Tour to visit the Royal Palace of Sultan Deli, known as Maimoon Palace, built in 1888 and the architecture features Malay, Mogul and Italian influences. Maimoon Palace is one of the most beautiful palace still exist in Indonesia. The Palace consists of two floors divided each into three parts: the main building, the left wing and the right wing. Each floor has 20 rooms. The total of 40 rooms of this Palace does not include the prison in the basement, kitchen and bathrooms. Visitors who come to the palace still have the chance to witness the collections of the kingdom which are displayed along the meeting room, such as the photos of the families, antique furniture gifted by the Dutch, and various types of weapons.

In front, about 100 meters, stands the Mosque of Al-Maksum known as the Great Mosque of Medan. The grand mosque “Mesjid Raya”, built in 1906 and the largest in town. The first developer of this mosque was designed by the Dutch architect Van Erp who also designed The Maimoon Palace, but then the process was done by JA Tingdeman, for Van Erp at that time was called to Java by the Dutch government to join in the process of restoration of Borobudur temple in Central Java. Most imported building materials such as: marble for decoration imported from Italy, Germany and China and the stained glass from the chandelier directly from France.

We spend a visit at Asam Kumbang Farm, where you will observe crocodiles of different sizes and ages. Asam Kumbang Crocodile Park is the largest crocodile breeding park in Indonesia. The park which has an area of two hectares is even becoming the largest crocodile park in Southeast Asia. Built since 1959, Asam Kumbang park has collections of many types of crocodiles, start from the youngest one to over forty years old.

Then browse for antique at Kesawan Street in the old colonial part of the town. You will feel the dutch colonial architectural touch in buildings like the post office, Medan City Hall.

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Medan city tour


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