Bali is renowned worldwide for its magnificent beaches, amazing rice terraces, picturesque temples, arts and crafts, and for the colorful Hindu-Buddhist culture of the Balinese people. For the deeply religious Balinese, every aspect of life is governed by ancient rituals, and shrines with offerings to the gods are seen everywhere throughout the island. Bali is both a paradise and a playground; home to a whole host of activities, adventures, stories and magical secrets just waiting to be explored. It is not only for sustenance of the body, but also for the mind and spirit. Bali is a heavenly destination for holidays.

Whenever you are planning a trip to Bali, you obviously want to see as much of the island as possible. Therefore, we would like to show you our Bali excursions in Bali Day Tours, unless you are planning a round trip, Bali day tours are the ideal way to get to know the island. If you do not want to drive yourself, we will also show you the best providers for Bali day trips with a guide. Which Bali day tours are best for you depends primarily on where your accommodation is located. Therefore, we have put together various excursions in Bali for you, which you can do from different places. We have concentrated on the most visited places on the island and put together Bali excursions from Ubud, Kuta and Sanur for you.

Bali Day tours is all about the day tours all over the island. those are  created therefore as part of your holiday which will be on your decision where you want to go or what activities you prefer to join. we have experienced Guide and driver to organize your tour or with our expert team to organize your activities professionally and safety. Our Guide and driver will pick you up, professionally showing the wonderful places as mentioned in your program and the real People’s daily life.

Bali island as part of Indonesian Archipelago, is well-known as “the island of God” or “the island of thousand temples” and also some people called as “the island of Paradise”. So, Bali has many amazing places to discover, therefore we are showing you the unique Culture and many activities to make your holiday more fun and enjoyable. The wide range of best things to do in Bali during your stay on the Island, will impressed you with a wonderful moment and unforgettable experience ever and we are proudly showing you the best things to do.

10 Best Things to do during your holiday in Bali out of other Bali amazing tours to explore the beautiful Island of Bali and discover the Culture in-depth.

1. Bali Mud Fighting or Mepantigan

bali mudfighting

Bali Mud fighting or Mepantigan is a form of Balinese martial arts that involves similar physical techniques to those found in self-defense traditions around the world. But Mepantigan extends the form by also drawing upon Balinese drama, contemporary dance, and Gamelan music, fusing fighting with the performing arts to create an entirely new cultural phenomenon. Participants wear uniforms consisting of traditional Balinese clothing, and can compete on the beach, in the mud of rice fields, or in any open space.

Practitioners of Mepantigan gain physical fitness, release stress, and learn valuable lessons in camaraderie and sportsmanship. In addition to physical skills, strength, and agility, both emotional and spiritual intelligence are utilized.

According to Putu Witsen Widjaya, the founder and senior teacher of Bali Mepantigan Arts and a martial arts champion, students of Mepantigan evolve as human beings and avoid violence while cultivating compassion. As he observed, “Wherever proper martial arts develop, evil will diminish and a respect for others will grow. This is particularly true for those who practice Mepantigan, which is a celebration of the spirit”.

2. Balinese Farming

balinese farming

The Balinese are still an agricultural society. According to recent statistics, a majority of the Balinese still tend farms despite the growing of tourism industry. A long time ago, agriculture was the main livelihood of the Balinese. The Balinese developed their own methods of farming such as the subak system which evenly distributed water among rice fields in the village. They also cultivated many crops from sweet oranges to exotic coffee. The farmers also cultivated a variety of rice exclusive to Bali. The fabled Bali rice crop took around six months to harvest and was cultivated with minimal pesticides and fertilizer. Farmers were very eco-friendly back then!

3. Bali by Bikes

There are a lot of thing to explore Bali and surrounding. Explore tours and excursions are for guests who wish to experience a city and the surrounding attractions in a more unusual way and with a more adventurous spirit.  Our definition of  ‘Explore’ is the arrangement of visits to some of the highlights at each destination by travelling in unconventional ways such as on foot, by bicycle, by horse- or oxcarts.  Besides visiting cultural sights, guests on explore tours and excursions divert from the beaten tourist paths and experience Indonesia in-depth with a focus on people and local life.

4. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur volcanoMount Batur (Gunung Batur) is an active volcano on the island of Bali, Indonesia. It is located at the center of two concentric calderas north west of Mount Agung. The south east side of the larger 10×13 km caldera contains a caldera lake. The inner 7.5-kilometer-wide caldera, which was formed during emplacement of the Bali (or Ubud) ignimbrite, has been dated at about 23,670 and 28,500 years ago. Trekking to the top of Mount Batur takes about 2 hours when you can enjoy the stunning view of Sunrise over Mount Agung. It is a specially for adventure seekers.

5. Bali Surfing Lesson

Since Bali is renowned worldwide for its magnificent beaches and magic waves, Surfing is an option to get in touch with the beautiful of Bali Sandy Beaches and enjoy the magic waves. Surfing can be quite challenging for beginners, as the waves and currents typically require surfers to be somewhat fit. Paddling and standing on the board can be a challenge, however we are confident that with some practice and with the help of our experienced and passionate instructors these hurdles can be overcome and the sense of accomplishment will be that much sweeter.

6. Explore West Bali National Park

West Bali National Park or Taman Nasional Bali Barat in Indonesian language, is located in the north-western part of Bali island. It includes the whole area of Prapat Agung Peninsula, and large area of land around the towns of Gilimanuk, Cekik and Banyuwedang. The official area inside the park boundaries is 190 square kilometres, with a further 580 square kilometres of protected reserve in the highlands to the east. Totally, this accounts for some ten percents of total land area of Bali.

Explore west Bali National Park by joining the monsoon soft and unique walking experience, watching rare plants and animals such as birds, bulls, deer and other wild animals. Explore the National Park Bali about 2 hours experiencing forest trekking with specialist rangers.

7. Bali Sailing Experience

cruise lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is 1 hour away from bali by Catamaran Boat. During your stay in Bali and you want to spend a day experiencing how exotic Nusa Lembongan is, you can take a day trip on a speedboat to Lembongan and tour around the sights for the day with a guide before returning back to Bali in the Afternoon.  The top-rated Nusa Lembongan Day Tour includes hotel pick-up and drop-off from Bali, lunch, boat transfers and your snorkel guide all while traveling in style on a luxury catamaran.

8. Explore Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is the second biggest Island after Bali, as part of Bali Province that is 45 minutes to one hour away from Bali by fast Boat. The Fast Boats leave multiple times per day from Sanur (South Bali) and If you book it in advance, mostly you can have your pick-up from the hotel included. Embark on an island tour to Broken Beach, Angels Billabong, and Kelingking Beach; the three must-see iconic tourist destinations on the island. Besides sightseeing, you can also enjoy various water activities like snorkelling and canoeing. If you are already in Bali, you can join a Tour Nusa Penida from Bali with us to explore West Nusa Penida Tour to visit Klingking Beach, Angle Billabong, Broken Beach and Cristal Bay or join our East Nusa Penida Tour to explore Atuh Beach, Diamond Beach, Tree House and Teletubies Hill. Explore the charms of Nusa Penida and prepare to be amazed by the spectacular views that await you there.

The Under-waters of the island of Nusa Penida are famous for its diving areas including Crystal Bay, Manta Point, Batu Meling, Batu Lumbung, Batu Abah, Toyapakeh and Malibu Point.

9. Explore Bali Under-water Sites

Bali has amazing sunken gardens and underwater sights that appeal to divers and snorkelers. The waters surrounding Bali offer plenty in terms of natural marine biodiversity, with sightings of some of the world’s most peculiar sea creatures, from oceanic sunfish to whale sharks.

Some of these great Bali dive sites are decorated with life-sized underwater sculptures like temples and people, which were carefully designed and built on dry land using materials that enable coral growth. After they’re submerged at specific spots, the resulting sunken gardens provide thriving reef ecosystems that are teeming with colorful tropical marine life.

10. Bali Cooking Class

Explore cooking techniques and the fascinating kitchen myths of this unique culture, followed by a lavish Balinese feast and complete recepies. The Bali cooking class program is starting with Market visit to have the ideas of the whole activities and have the entire ideas what kind of necessity things can be bought in the Market. Preparing process is really show you how everything purchased being processed, slice the onion, cut of meat, cutting vegetables etc. this process is necessarily help you a lot  and give you the entire ideas what you will cook and how the taste you prefer to have to satisfy your “foodie” and hungry.


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