Labuan Bajo is the capital of the district of Manggarai Barat (West Manggarai) and is located at the westernmost tip of the island. Its 3000 residents mostly make their living on the water. This is reflected by the busy bay fully laden with spider-like trimarans, canoes of different sizes, sailing vessels, and motorized boats.
Labuan Bajo is a launching point to explore the island’s interior and visit the giant dragons on Komodo and Rinca Island. In recent years, Labuan Bajo gradually turned into a busy spot because of the divers and the increased number of Komodo visitors. Today, this town offers a wide range of tourist facilities.
Labuan Bajo’s most significant features are probably its magnificent ramshackle harbor dotted with small islands and its hard-to-beat colorful sunsets. It is almost a must-do for visitors to hike to one of the surrounding hills or mountains to enjoy a perfect panoramic view over the harbor and the innumerable coastal islets with their strips of white-sand beaches.

labuan bajo

Labuan Bajo on Flores Island as gateway to Komodo Island

In Labuan Bajo you will find plenty of comprehensive tourist facilities, e.g. restaurants, stores, ATMs and banks, money changers, and pharmacies. The numerous dive operators and travel agencies are happy to help you in planning your dive trip or your journey to Komodo National Park and the island’s interior. Furthermore, there is a wide range of accommodation, starting from simple guesthouses to star-rated hotels along the beachfront.