Flores with Komodo Islands is a habitat for native animals dragons are ancient, seems to have become a favorite destination visited by the traveler both at home and abroad. Many people flock to the island just to see firsthand the behavior of animals that became extinct. In addition to its beauty acclaimed for successfully bearing the title “New 7 Wonders of Nature” is lined with other beautiful places in the world. The island is also part of the UNESCO world heritage site, as included in the Komodo National Park along with the island of Komodo, Padar and Gili Mota. Administratively, the island is included in the District of Komodo, West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

But do you know that not only on Komodo Island course you can see these ancient animals? Yes, in Rinca island, you can see it. The island is one part of this komodo archipelago, it is also the natural habitat of dragons with the second largest population after Komodo island. Although smaller in area than the island of Komodo dragon populations around the 1500s will be more easily found on Rinca Island compared with Komodo Island. Actually, in Padar also formerly contained dragons, but break the food chain that led to the ecosystem on the island be developed that ultimately dragon populations became extinct.

The layout itself closer Labuan to Rinca compared to Komodo Island, the island’s highest point is in Doro (Mount) Ora with a height of about 670 meters above sea level. Not only dragons course, the island is also live different kinds of animals such as dragons, wild boar, water buffalo and birds.

Available options trekking path starting from trekking short, medium to long. Visitors are free to determine their own selection of the route, adapted to the physical conditions for the safe and minimize the risk in the field later. Along the trekking path, visitors will be accompanied by beautiful scenery form the ranks of hills and the expanse of blue sea. This hill will be dry and yellow colored in the dry season, while if entered the rainy season, this hill will turn green. On the sidelines of trekking, visitors will find the top of the hill that had a distinctive view of the island of Rinca. Expanse of blue sea, combined with the more exotic hills add to the beauty of the island of Rinca. Really spoil the eyes of every visitor.
Not only that, Rinca island also offers visitors to take part in preserving the environment by planting mangrove program. To buy seedlings, visitors have to pocket 150,000 rupiah. Uniquely, the mangrove seedlings can be labeled with our names and later when visitors visit again to Rinca can determine the development of mangrove trees as the name suggests.